why do YOU allow some people to keep hurting you?  There behaviour is not right its crippling and it’s not fair, IT’S NOT OK.

YOU must remember that you have control and power over what YOU believe, don’t ever allow anyone to make YOU feel worthless.

Allow anyone to put YOU down and if YOU do, ask yourself would YOU treat them the same way? why do you keep letting them?  

Remember who YOU really are, because  someone will judge before they have even given YOU a chance to know YOU.

It’s important to remember that no-one really knows YOUR heart, and no-one can feel it apart from YOU.

Remember it took courage and strength to grow up and become who YOU really are today, and no-one did that but YOU!

Remember that YOU  are alive today because YOU didnt give up in yourself, YOU pushed for another year and that’s why YOU are here today. Everyone is importance to the world and everything that will follow, YOU need to hold on to YOUR values and then YOU will become invincible.