So what is LOVE.

You say you love me, but this kind of love hurts. You told me that love is meant to dig deep in the heart for it to be true. But this kind of love has pierced a hole straight through. It’s causing me an agonising pain never felt before. How can this be the same love that you explained to me? You tell me love is meant to make you feel warm from inside, leaving you floating. Why is it then that I feel broken, and that I’m sinking day by day? You tell me that I’m beautiful, and that you would only throw flower petals at me. Then why do your petals hurt? Leaving marks? Causing my beauty to fade away? You told me that love is a connection and understanding, to help you with your dreams and help you to grow. Why is it then that I feel I’m driving through life with my hand break on, and all my dreams are shattered? How then can this be the love you once told me about?

So what is love?

Love is actions and a promise, not only words and illusions. Love is the one that helps you grow and become a better person. Love is that he prays for her and she prays for him, and not to expect perfection from one another – as Allah has created us imperfect. Allah does not expect perfection from us, he expects us to try our best, and so should we.
Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true. Don’t be too in a hurry to find yourself a companion, because they need to have the same goals as you.
Be together in friendship or marriage for the sake of Allah. If you are looking for a spouse or friendship look for the one that will take you to Jannah.
A true spouse is the one that wipes away her/ his tears and softens each others hearts as they sit and listen to each others stories as they cry.
I come to realise we all want to change one another or the world but nobody really wants to change themselves. Before trying to find love, learn to love yourself first…