Simple act of repentance.

Peace and blessings to children of Adam (as). I heard the birds early this morning as they woke me up at dawn, I feel blessed yet again I can pray to my Lord.
As I got to the end of my prayer I felt a pitch in my heart, I couldn’t help the sadness I felt as I uttered out my du’aa.
I imagined an arm wrap around me and a voice in my ear whispers” forgiveness is for the strong, its the best form of love.
It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and an even stronger person to forgive”. As I looked deeper into my hands as they are open for du’aa, I imagine an action about me that made me fall down in deeper du’aa, this feeling keeps on haunting me and tearing me apart. So I know I need to do something about it before my time departs.
I’m scared to leave even an atoms worth of arrogance behind me that would determine the state of my heart.  I know that I am human although I can be  weak, I struggle to put it right as shaytaan continues to speak.
I need to correct my action so I’m sitting here in front of you O Allah, please forgive me yet again, and please I beg of you except this humble duaa.

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