People of planet earth!

Descendants of Adam (as) if you was to leave planet earth right now, this second, and your meeting was with Allah (God) Was today, how confident with you be to stand in account and receive your book in your right hand?

If the angel of death was to leave the heavens right now only to be commanded by Allah (God) to remove your soul what state would you be in. Imagine the extreme feeling of crossing over to the next journey between this world and the next, how would you feel.

Do you ever think of yourself at the moment of your death, and when it would happen. what kind of thoughts would you have, would you panic, would you regret, would you think of your loved ones, or would you think about the world your leaving behind. What decisions did you make in your life, did you lead a life of evil or life of good, as this will determine how you will be removed out of your body.

Now the big question hear is are you reading this only to past time, or its something just to read either way, I’m glad as long as it does the job I’ve set out to do, which is to save yourself.  Are you preparing for the inevitable the one thing that we are all certain to happen to us DEATH. ” Every soul shall have a taste of death: and only on the day Judgement shall you be paid your full recompense”. (Quran 3:185)

If you were asked questions by the angels how you spent your life on planet earth, how confident are you to answer them , let’s give it a go, and use our imagination, for one day this is going to happen.

Dark or light the Angel of death has been commanded by Allah (God) to remove your soul from your uniform which is your body, which will return back to your creator, so be ready to return to your final destination.

Descendants of Adam(as) are you ready?


Are you a believer? What would you say, what would your answer be, which one are you today?

1) “Yes because my parents are”.

2) “All praises be to Allah, I’ve tried my very best I believe in Allah and all that he created”.

What dose Islam mean to you?

1)  ” hummm ammmm its a religion isn’t it”.

2) “Its my religion its my identity its what gives me peace and a sense of pearpous its the religion of Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw), and all that follows”.

What is the Quran and what is its importance?

1) “Its a book and we have it displayed on our TV unit that my family  open, or put on my heads to swear by if I did anything wrong, as if that’s what going to make me tell the truth. And it has the story of Jesus who was born on Christmas day and that”.

2) “Its the true words of Allah (God), it explains how we should live our lives in this world through our beloved prophets (as). It warns us of evils and encourages us towards good”.

Did you pray?

1) ” As and when I could fit it in, usually Fridays”.

2) ” I’ve tried to keep up with my 5 daily prays, and if I missed any I tried to make them up, I feel lost if I left out my prays”.

Who is the  Prophet Muhammad (saw).

1) “He was a man, he was a Muslim, he is a prophet”.

2) “prophet Muhammad (saw) is our beloved prophet, he was the last teacher to mankind. He was sent to mankind as a blessing, taught us patients in the face of adversity, and thought us to live in this world  but to seek eternal life in the hereafter, and so much more”.

What did you do on planet earth to prove your place in Islam to Allah?

1)“I did Eid, big and small, I fitted Ramadan in my busy lifestyle, were I had to cancel important meetings, as I was worried people would smell my bad breath”. I prayed in the mosque sometimes, even though people were praying there I felt embraced but I did it anyway, I prayed on Fridays mainly, when it fitted around my gym training.
And my family and friends witnessed that I did so much for charity, and if they didn’t I told them. My parents were hard work, mum and dad would always want me to pray and read the book, they would bang on everyday that I needed to pull my weight round the house and act like Muslim, I told her she had no life and to stop controlling mine. I prayed in front of people mainly my family to get them off my back which wasn’t easy to do. I got my parents to believe that I was walking the path of God, but behind closed doors I would hang out in places they would go mentally crazy over.  I hung out around  heavy metal music, truth is music was my life, and having a laugh getting high was all I wanted to do I just lived the life. I would hang out in shesha bars, clubs with the opposite gender to full fill my own desires to fit into a popular group. My friends and me took care of each other, I respected them, I listens to them. My clothes were of the nudity fashion wear,  to be part of the fashion world, which the younger generation look up to me for, I was cool, I lived my life to the Max”.

2) ” I tried to do my duties as a Muslim and when I failed I’d repent and try again. Id try to stay honest and humble to whom ever I met. I took the teachings of our beloved prophet (saw) and his companions and made it a lesson in my life. I respect my parents and try cherishing them as they did to me when I was small. I would practice the 5 pillars of Islam and 6 pillars of faith to strengthen my belief as I new I  had weaknesses, I would worry to be lead astray again. I also no that Allah (God) is most forgiving and is the most merciful, but I need to show my regret and sincere repentance first.

So descendent of Adam (as) now that you have had your questioning where do you think you will be going? Only you know how you are feeling after.

It is he who gives life and causes death. And when he decides upon a thing he say to it only: ” Be!”- and it is. Chapter Ghafir # 40 Verse #68

Remember judge yourself before you judge anyone.

And do you think you will enter paradise, while such trial has not yet come to you, as came to those who passed before you?

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