Next project…..2016

Asslamu Alikum I pray your all in good health Inn’shh’Allah. Over the last year Gems of Faith has had the chance to assist those with good causes. First the water well in Pakistan for a whole village alhamdullilah, and then visting Calais (jungle) twice to help out with the refugees crisis. Then Morocco with the Orphanages and less foutnate. Then a short trip again away to Morocco to assist with a good cause alhamdullilah the Gems couldn’t of done this without the will of Allah  (swt).

I wanted to thank you all for your efforts, duas and donations and believing in Gems of faith as an organisation. We are working on a project very soon inn’shh’Allah to help the deprived children of Africa.

There will be an upcoming talk to raise funds for this project in Croydon Inn’shh’Allah, we will be keeping you posted on future updates. If anyone would be happy to volunteer for up coming events please let us know.

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