Lost to War

There isn’t a word that could ever explain the pain that people have suffered or are still suffering. They are monsters, which have invaded our peaceful lands. With the sad news yesterday, the Paris attacks, our hearts and prayers go out to you all. But let’s not forget what also happened in Lebanon a day before the attacks in Paris which we never really heard about and I’m not sure why there was no fuss for they are humans and innocent civilians too, no life is more important then the other. I agree with everyone, this nightmare needs to STOP. But that doesn’t mean that we take actions in our own hands and start blaming or  causing more corruptions in the land, by throwing abusive racial attacks on innocent pepole, how does that make us any better then the monsters isn’t that what they are doing? Don’t make it harder by causing a division that those monsters started. Look around you, there is already a war out there and we need to look at making it better and we’re not going to be able to obtain peace in the world untill we can make peace with each other. And for everyone that knows the true meaning of Islam, they will know that Islam means Peace and Mercy. There is no terrorism in Islam and this war is anything but peaceful. So don’t confuse yourself with people and their ill actions and Islam, the Faith is pure, certain minorities of individuals are sick, and do not represent Islam. So let’s make that  positive change lets start this progress in our homes with our kids. Let’s teach them the importance of Humanity and how to care for one another whether their black or white, Jewish, Hindu, Christians or Muslims whether they have physically or mental disabilities it does not matter we are all ONE human race. We need to remember that no one was born hating another person because of there colour, gender, race or creed. We are taught to hate whether its from what we hear on the media or in our homes or from friends, hate has been taught. If our kids have been taught to hate we can teach them to care and love. Our kids are the new generation and hope to the world so lets help them work towards a brighter present for a Peaceful future.