Hiding between the two line’s.

A slight pinch

I just got off the phone with a group of friends on an app that mankind created. An app called House party.

While laughing smileing over conversation rembering memories and openly speaking about fears, and disappointments, I kept feeling a slight shift in my thoughts.

I’m always happy to see others smile and love the idea of contributing to some one’s happiness, but what is my mind trying to tell me.

Reality! Dose my death mean it’s the end of the world? If I was to ask you some questions how honest would you truly be, ‘Would you tell me who you truly are?’ Would you tell me what your struggles are? If I was to ask you what’s your purpus in life, would you tell me? Would you tell me your dreams?, would you tell me the place you call home? Would you tell me if you had faith and if you truly loved God? How about your profession, would you tell me how much income you make in a year and how you spent it?

I dont belive that these facts truly identity who you truly are. I belive there is a huge difference between your ‘Body’ and ‘Your sprital self’, especially if your not beeing true.

I ask myself that when my time has come to an end, and death is at my door to take me, what dose it truly take, is it my body or is it my sprital self, my soul. It must remove me from my body by pulling away my soul right?

So now I’m left with a racing heartbeat, what am I doing to prepare for my finale destination and my meeting with my Lord.

This may read as to much, as who really likes specking abou death right? But if we pushed it aside and never addressed would it go away? See I belive the true reality of life would be a lie if we made out that death didn’t take part in the world. You see between the smiles the laughter and the dreams and memories, and the pain, we all have started stepping towards our death since we’re born, just look at yourselves in the mirror the truth Is stirring you right in the eye.

Look at the marks on your body and the texture of your skin, look at its changes, it dosnt matter how old you are the ageing process started when you arrived into this would, actually it started in the wombs of our mothers. Look how fragile you have become, look at the scares and lines that have appeared, how about your hair hasn’t that changed. Look at your beauty, hasn’t that started to fade, even your taste buds start to change. See our body’s and mind are going through the true reality of excepting death yet we still want to push it aside.

I am scared of death, and I am reminded of it ever day, as I pop the medication into my mouth as that’s a sign of poor heath issue’s, I rub away the aches of body as I’m reminded of how I once was, so why is it that the only thing we know is absalute, is ignored?

The truth is that we will meet our maker if we choose to belive or not, or the be ignorant or to except. So then wouldn’t it be better to prepare?

My changes are happening and I can’t do anything about them apart from embracing them and allowing them to take the lead.

Make sure you spend your time leaving footprints in this world. Love to learn, love to grow and most of all learn about the one who you will be returning to Allah ( swt). Treasure the moment’s with the ones that have loved you protected and raised you when the world left you and deceived you, make your mark known in this world by Allah.