Duas of parents.

For all those with a parent or both parents still alive I just wanted to remind us all the importance of our parents. We will never find anyone in life that will love, cherish, and sacrifice for us like they do; and once their gone that blessing goes with them. 

As much as I love my mother and I don’t want her to ever leave me, I know one day I may just have to say my final goodbye, but the one thing I will miss most is her duas. 

As you know that duas from the parents come straight from the heart, so I just wanted to say to us all, spend as much time  as you can with them. Let them feel and know that you love and care for them and that they’re not forgotten.  For one day we will have to say goodbye and bury them, which we know is a fard.

And for those that have lost their parents, you are their living hope and through Allah’s (SWT) mercy you can make duas and pray for them, so try make it a daily thing, as it’s your way of paying them back for all they did for you.

Share your time with them, for time is running out and this is something which everyone should put/do in their daily routines. Parents are a priority, as you are for them.