Absolute silence is the image of death.

At the moment you hear your loved one has passed away is probably one of the hardest things that your  ever going to feel. Everyone’s souls will taste death but its always difficult to hear.

The void and the grief of someone that you cared and love vanishes within moments, has now become a memory. We are striped from everything, our choices our memories our family our friends and now we have been re feared to as the body sabhan’Allah.

Someone that took pride in their image and their well-being is now being carried off in a brown box warped up in a white shroud with essence of kafoor drizzled over, and has been lower in to a space selected for the departed of no choice of its own. gently lowed on to autumn ground.

Where did the time go? You were only hanging out a few hours ago, laughing at your jokes.  Now I stand at your grave amongst others with tears and a broken heart and a silent weep, that only Allah can see.

As I stand at your grave I know that your not there, all I see is the blessed earth embracing you, it gives me a sense of closeness, as I close my eyes and make a prayer for you.

I know you have returned to the One that loves us most and that gives me comfort.

It was beautiful as long as it lasted you taught me so much and I’m sorry I never got the chance to thank you as much as I should have. I want to thank you for letting me be part of you beautiful journey in life, and making me part of your family. I do have a regret and that is I didn’t meet you earlier and listen to more of your story’s.

I promise that as long as I have life I will always remember you when I raise my hands in dua in the morning sun and the darkest of night. I will raise my hands in dua to beg to Allah to open the gates of mercy for you and to make your final flight that which will only take you to the best of places, heaven aameen.

I’m sorry for not doing enough but for sure I’ll try and put it right thank you💓