A drip of hot water

A friend watched over me as I was getting ready to do my ablution before performing my prayers. I closed my eyes and made a prayer in my heart before starting. I ran the water and then started again when my friend grabbed my arm, I looked at her and she pointed at the hot water tap and shook her head and said, thats hot water, run the cold water with it. I continued with my ablution focused and determined with many thoughts running through my mind while washing away my sins. On finishing my ablution I turned to her and she said, that water was very hot I could see the steam coming from the tap. I hugged her as I saw her concern for me. I said this is a personal thing that I choose to do, she asked “why,
it will hurt you.” I said “to remind me to keep on track and to focus on getting into heaven, as I know this running hot water is a comfort on my body compared to hell.”
She hugged me and said “but does it hurt?” I said “not as much as hell will, this hot water I’ve gotten used to but the pains and pangs of hell I will never get used to.”God has given us so many reminders the heat of the sun the heat of hot water and so forth.
Train your mind to see God in everything and everything you do, you will find God.