A simple sip of coffee 

So while sipping my coffee I burn the tip of my tongue ouch, images come rushing to my mind how did I burn my tongue I sipped the coffee the same way I do every morning. I even sat on the exact chair, it’s more or less the same time as yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. See, after Fajr coffee wakes me up while reading my Quran its my time while the world is asleep to reconnect with my Creator. I realise that not every day is the same as the previous day even if I’m  doing the exact thing, something is bound to be different otherwise life will be pretty boring.

So right now I can feel the warmth of the hot cup of coffee as my hand is wrapped around  the ceramic cup as I hold It firmly up to my lips. My lips feel the hardness of the cup as I place the cup towards my lips then sip the coffee, the warm sensation of the coffee fills my taste buds as the coffee runs down my throat and a warm satisfaction fills my tummy as it lays to rest. My body is held up by the chair which gives me comfort while I sit and read, my feet are placed firmly on to the ground which helps my posture. Then as I place my cup down I pick up  the Holy Quran with my right hand and I feel the softness of the pages as I run my fingers through the blessed book, then I place the Quran  up towards my heart making a prayer under my breath before I start to read. It’s then when I feel this pinch in my heart and a slight sadness “don’t get comfortable.”

I hear a little voice saying don’t get comfortable today you feel everything around you, you feel the hardness of the floor the sweetness of coffee the warmth of comfort and your heart racing as your read the Holy Quran but tomorrow this will go.

The truth of reality is that nothing is guaranteed and a simple sip of coffee reminded me of that today. We worry about the things that we don’t have, we worry about what tomorrow might bring, we worry and worry and worry. But the truth is how do we even know that we will be part of tomorrow? If we concentrate more on how we could make today right, live for now and less of what tomorrow will look like, We will appreciate making tomorrow as if it was to come. Look at the world its moving and your moving with it, everything is aging and your aging with it. Everything valuable eventually loses it importance nothing makes it forever, if the valuable is only attached only to the world does it really hold any value to your end. We are blessed to have the choice of what we want to put in life and what we want to take out of it. See, life is temporary everything else will stay, even a simple cup of coffee. So make sure you leave a positive mark behind that will help the world blossom and avoid the stain that may damage the generations to come.

Nehad Ibrahim