Tears of the womb

As I heard the cry of a mother bearing the pangs and pains of delivery as she held on to the side of the delivery bed crying for it to stop, taking a deep breath as the angels witnessed her struggles and commitment to helping this new addition into the world. As she breathed throughout her pain the angels bearing witness  to  her tears as they rolled down her face and her heart racing as she pushed and screamed , her body that was once used as a cocoon for 9 months to sheild the new addition to the world was soon to be empty. As the baby was delivered leaving a cry as a stamp to the world as it took its first moment in the world as part of mankind. The mothers womb became fragile, saddened, empty and lonely. It needed to re-adjust to being alone – again. As it stretched and hurt; it shriveled and cried itself back to it’s original size. Leaving a mark on the body and the world, as it once carried a special person that would grow –  leaving a precious footprint in life.

By Gems Of Faith 

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