The day of Arfah

Allah (swt) covers his servants sins daily Subhan’Allah.

The angels will call to all the believers and take the believers to Allah (swt), Allah (swt) will say come close, he will say ” my servants come closer.

Imagine Subhan’Allah that there are some special servents that Allah (swt) will say ” come closer”  you’ll keep getting closer and closer and closer to Allah until the light covers over you, Subhan’Allah.

Between you and Allah (swt) will be a special vail were no angle can hear or see through it Subhan’Allah it’s only your time with Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) will speck to you, imagine Allah (swt) speaking to you in a speech only Allah nos  what’s it’s going to be like Subhan’Allah.

Allah says my servents look at your records, I  sees your sins all of them,  he says didn’t you know that you did this sin and I could see you? even though you did it in secret l saw everything. Didn’t you no this day was going to come that I would question you?

We will say My Lord I did no I did, and Allah (swt) will say then why did you do it? You will say oh my Lord it will  be easier if you throw me into hell then to judge me and me standing before you in sin.

Allah continues to look at your pages and he see more sins one worse then the other, and you say thats it ya Allah your going to throw me into hellfire, my deeds haven’t been excepted I’ve done so much sins that my deeds have faded away, I’ve done everything that Allah (swt) asked of me not to do.

So when your sure your going to he’ll,  Allah (swt) says my servents you no how you kept things in the past life a secret, you say yes he asks you why? And you say I was embarraced and ashamed of my sins.

Allah (swt) says didn’t you see I covered it up for you and didn’t let it expose you, Subhan’Allah, you say yes.  Allah (swt) says that was my mercy, and today I will keep it a secret, I will not expose you.

Allah (swt) is so merciful that his given us opportunities to get us to junnah, but it’s up to us weather we want to grab them or not. Today is the day of Arfah and today is the day of asking and seeking forgiveness amongst other rewards. Make plenty of duas don’t let this great opportunity slip away, we want to be under the mercy of Allah (swt).

Remember we may never get another opportunity next year.

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