Eyes wide open.

So I’m up again feeling uneasy. No matter how tired I feel, I can’t seem to fall asleep. As I close my eyes I get an uncomfortable feeling in my belly. I feel scared, I start to imagine this could be my last night alive. And if it is what can I do to stop it? I know I can’t do anything, Sabhan’Allah. I’m now asking for more time, in case I haven’t done enough. The truth is I know I haven’t done enough. I’m emotional, I turn to the Quran and duas, for comfort and strength. I beg Allah to not take me today, and only take me when he is happy with me when I am in the best state of belief. I’ve noticed a patten occurring when I get this feeling, it’s usually when I fall into error or neglected my duties. I feel sick to the gut, low and emotional. I do believe Allah (swt) wants me to acknowledge my faults and put them right and repent in case my meeting with angel of death is soon. I do feel it’s a mercy from Allah but I also know that I am human and I could be completely wrong, but believing Allah’s helping me gives me comfort Alhamdullilah. So I wanted to ask has anyone else felt like this, and if so why do you think it happens?

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