Sins – Repent
Death – Prepare
Grave – Deeds
Here After – Final Destination

Life is brief, it’s an opportunity to reach a better place. No matter how hard your challenges are in life your goal is to reach the best outcome. Death will find all, so  strive to bring a better tomorrow; but it’s up to you how tommrow will prevail. Remember the graves are full of pepole that thought they would put things right when they got older, but death caught up with them before their own chosen age.
Be careful on your given time and how you use it up. As time is years. Years are months. Months are weeks. Weeks are days. Days are hours. Hours are minuets. Minuets are seconds, and seconds is the end. I ask of you to take a minute out your life right now and ask yourself if you were to weigh how you spend your time, in this moment what do you believe your scales would read. Wasting time is worse then death, as it separates you from opportunities and goals – and most of all, it separates you from Allah (God). Where as death separates you from this world to a better place Junnah, Insha’Allah. 


Time is running out! Nothing will stop death! Ignoring a reality doesn’t make it any less real. It’s still going to happen. Whether you’re prepared or not.

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