Exposing the truth.

People have lied in your name, people have made wars and destruction in your name, people have taken lives in your name, people have made enemies in your name. People have divided in your name, people have tried to change the truth in your name. Forgive us for we don’t know the truth about your name. Your name is peace, hope and harmony, it’s nothing that man could create. You teach us to love, care and respect our neighbours and to offer help if they need it. You teach us to love and respect our parents, to care for them when they become weak and fragile. You teach us to pray for them as they struggled to help us grow and help us to survive. You teaches us never to utter a bad word or grunt or shrug our shoulder at our parents, to always speak the sweetest of words to them.
You teach us that “two things define us, patience when we have nothing, and attitude when we have everything. ” You teach us that happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have, and to be grateful for the troubles we don’t have.
You teach us that if we love something for ourself, we must love it for others. You teach us to be grateful, to be fair, to share and to care for each other, especially the poor and needy.
You teach us to forgive and repent in order to receive it for ourselves. You teach us that before we assume, we learn. Before we judge, we must understand. Before we hurt, we need to feel. And before we say, we need to think.
You teach us to be tolerant and be modest for only our eyes to see. You teach us that hope anchor’s the soul, and no matter how dark the moment might get, when we choose hope, anything is possible. So I ask myself who is this wonderful teacher, leader that inspired me to learn and grow and develop , who’s teaching me the greatest act of optimism. Encourages me to be the best, who helps me change my lenses to look on this beautiful world, and read the truth through the beautiful pages. This is Islam, so why would anyone try to destroy something so precious so beautiful and true, for no other reason but ill intention or lack of knowledge. So read educate understand and and learn to grow.

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