Keep it real

When people fight you in their mind and their actions for no other reasons but there own maybe you didn’t meet there expectations, needs and desires.
Then they create an enemy between you and them in their head because they have had time to build a monster of you in there mind which is not real. They have created their own reasons to why they feel that they can treat you unfairly. They start to treat you as an outsider and a object, not a person. No matter how good you may have been towards them, they forget that within seconds of arrogance. The worse part is your trying to catch up with what’s gone on, as you haven’t been told what’s happened or ask to have your say, but only been made to feel you’ve done wrong somewhere. You start feeling something is different, because the way they start talking to you suddenly, and the greeting they use to give you is no longer there. You’re made to feel like a stranger and are in complete confusion to why you are made to feel like you have something wrong, when you clearly no yourself. This is all down to someone’s own mind game’s, and their own expectations and assuming negative thoughts.
The crazy part is they say they know you,TRUE!!! Yet they act as if you’re their enemy when the truth is they have the issues themselves, that’s why they can’t do a simple thing called ASKING.
Promise yourself if anyone makes you feel like that and that makes you doubt yourself, and makes you feel bad, take a step back from their negatively and mind games, carry on with your life.
Trying to understand how some peoples minds work is a puzzle, its not for you to work it out for them, let them be.
This can become unhealthy for you and drain you so step back. Remember anyone that assumes without asking is unfair, so question your relationship/ friendship. If you have people in your life that say they know you, then the truth is they shouldn’t doubt you. Relationship/ friendships shouldn’t be a struggle, if it is, you question it. I know how mind games leave one to feel and how confusing it can become, so if they don’t change it, walk away.
I want to say my bit to those who feel that they can justify by creating their own reason’s for their negative actions towards others, and try to take others rights away, which is unfair. Back off, stop and think before you blow things out of proportion , ask yourself are you being fair. My advice for those victims, don’t stand for it, there no different to mental abuse, just because you don’t see the scares it doesn’t mean it hasn’t effected you, do right by yourself and move away.
I hope one day they may come to realise what they have lost, and want to mend it before its to late, as ignorance and arrogance will only push people away. They need to learn the method called asking before assuming, in order to progress in life. Life is already a struggle we don’t need anyone else weigh us done. You don’t go down to their level be the better person and rise above it.

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