Epitome within a woman

We need to remind ourselves that the greatest treasure’s is not always seen by the eyes, but is embraced by the heart. We need to understand our true purpose in life in order to understand our true values. I no that sometimes it’s easier to live a life of fantasy and illusions, then feeling the truth of reality. We need to believe that we are strong  and we are capable of change.
There is so much injustice to women all across the globe, and that needs to be addressed. No one needs to stand for any mental or physical or any form’s of abuse, it doesn’t matter who the culprit is. We need to teach our girls that they are beautiful and precious just the way they are. I remember as a young girl feeling sad and unhappy some of the times, as I felt being me wasn’t good enough, and in order to fit in I had to try to be like everyone else. So for all the times I cried myself to sleep, for all the times I stopped eating, which was plenty, to look like others, for all the times I punished myself for eating and giving up. I had the blessings of growing up, and that helped me realise the reality, which was I was beautiful just the way I was born. I had the blessing of learning and growing in life, and the truth is, it can be, difficult to do sometimes, if your not left to learn and grow naturally. Also learning about yourself and others, isn’t always easy, but that’s fine, because that’s the way change kicks in.
Today I stand as a mother to three beautiful children Marsh’Allah, and I no my importance to them, and the world and all that follows.
We may have people in our lives that weigh us down, and the truth is, its up to you to allow it to effect you or not. We don’t have the power to change the hearts of others, we only have the ability to change our selves and sometimes that can be a struggle.
So focus on the people that are good for you, and that help you to learn and grow. Focus on picking yourself up, and bettering yourself. Remind yourself that you may not always have a comfortable life, and that’s OK, because you have other things that help you to adapt. And that you may not always be able to resolve all the problems at once, remember your human too. But never to underestimate the importance you can bring to the world. Remember history has proven to us that women have courage, and that courage is contagious. The truth is, we are the hope to the world, and hope can take on life on its own. So stand strong, love and grow, and continue to fill the world with beautiful colours, and essence of hope, that one day we will all stand in unity, against all trials and tribulations, and never stop smiling, because one day we will show the world we made it.

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