We were created by the One that perfected us with detail, and never makes mistakes to what He creates. He loves and blesses us with wisdom, to create and change and to develop in order to become  greater and better human beings. He selected for us parents from all man kind, to be loved and cherished. He pushes us to survive and to produce another life, in order to help the circle of life. He watch’s over us and our existence. We grow develop and change for the process of life to begin again. As we go through the challenges and difficulties life puts in our way, we try our best to push for the positive, in order to start life again. Never underestimate your purpose, no matter how people will make you feel, mad or disrespected. There will be a selected time, that we will return to the One that created us all, and judges us justly, so do your best to be fair, and prepare yourselves to  return to your creator.

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