One shot

Life is precious and we only get one shot at it. Ask yourself what YOU want out of life, what are your dreams.
You may need to dig deep and use some time and energy to search what may have been buried deep inside you, especially if you have forgotten how it is to feel to want something.
This can happen when life’s challenges, especially when difficulty’s have taken over. Ask yourself what your doing about reaching your dreams, and are you really being realistic.
I have many dreams, I may be called greedy, and I don’t care, their my dreams and for me to achieve.
I don’t know if I will ever reach them all, and if I’ll get the time in life. But I know I am determined, and I know I’m trying, I wasn’t always like this I did have to work on myself as I was weak, but now I hold on to that little voice inside me that gives me hope and encourages me to believe anything is possible. I now know I need to work on it and believe in myself, no one’s going to do it for me, as they are my dreams, and their for me to achieve.
Since I was a young girl I’ve always felt I new I’ve wanted to help others, I just didn’t know where to start and how to go about it.
I was called a day dreamer for this, I was never offended, I was never shy to share my dreams.
I believe we all know what we want out of life at a very young age, but as we grow up, situation and challenges take over, our dreams get buried deep down and become unnoticed, but it tries to burst out time to time, and I believe that happens because you was born to do something different.
There’s no reason why you still can’t achieve what you want, you must believe that the impossible is possible, but it’s down to you, how much you believe in your self. Whether your a parent now, or you have responsibilities, or have a job it shouldn’t stop you. I believe if you really want something so bad you know you have to do something about it. I believe there’s a reason YOU, and only YOU have that dream, it’s like when you were born a seed was planted with you, and it’s waiting for you to help it grow.
What do we do as parents, we constantly tell our kids, work hard and you’ll get what you want, we believe our words when we telling them, TRUE. The truth is there’s know difference between us and our kids, it’s the same, they have dream and so do we, It’s just we’ve give up on our dreams for know apparent reason sometimes, and we do this only because their our dreams, and we give up without a fight and that is sad.
Everything takes time and energy and I mean everything, so why not focus on something you really want.
You have one shot in life, remind Yourself, that you are to Positive to be Doubtful to Optimistic to be fearful and too Determined to be Defeated. Remember a positive attitude can really make dreams come true, they are for me. Having a positive attitude will only help others around you to grow. Always remember there is nothing wrong to want your dreams to come true, they are put there for a reason.

4 thoughts on “One shot

  1. In my little girls nursery wall I’ve written: the power of prayer really does make dreams come true. Thankfully God heard ours and blessed us with you.

    She’s my dream come true.

    Now I’m dreaming for a brother or sister for her. Lol. Xxx

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