Turning the page.

When life got difficult and I was looking for something to hold on to, but I wasn’t sure what. I decided that I needed to take the step to changing my life around, so I looked into Islam as it was at the forefront of my mind and it had been their for sometime.
I needed to know more about what it was to be a Muslim, and how it was meant to help me with life and its challenges, and how to become a better me.
I knew I was a born Muslim,  but I didn’t practice it the way I should have, and I can see that now. I lived a life without the thought of death and thought of consequence and others and that was a dark place to be.  I now know after seeking knowledge and adapting Islam to my life, that I had know clue what Islam was about. A lot of what I thought Islam was, turned out to be the opposite. With many years of studding Islam, now I realise that I had it all completely wrong, and I thank Allah (swt) everyday for the gift he placed in my heart that only Allah can sees, and that’s as special as I’m going to get. I also thank Allah (swt)  for not giving up on me, where others had and I was nearly ready to.
I blame know one but my own faults for not seeking knowledge, remember Up to a certain age it becomes your fault and not others, so stop blaming and read. Life has proved nothing comes to thoes that just wait, you need to get up and do something about it, it’s your life your playing with, and if your just living it, it’s going to pass by with know value. Islam change my life, it corrected me were I needed most. It’s given me hope, which I didn’t think was possible, it taught me to like myself and that was a big thing for me. It helped me to become patient and taught me to forgive myself and others. Now ever time I listen to Addaan my heart and eyes fill up with tears, I can’t believe I’ve been give the chance to see myself in a completely different light and I’ve started likening what I see. I know I have a great purpose in life now, and that’s to be the best I can possibly be, to reach my final destination, and to meet the most Merciful most Compassionate Allah (swt).
Remember everyone has a story, but its the outcome that matters, and its up to you to bring it out in the best way possible.  You are important, you owe it to yourself, to be the best you can, before you meet Allah (swt). Allah doesn’t give up on you, it’s you that’s given up on the truth, and the truth is Allah.

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