As I lay in the hospital bed, awaiting time and progress to pass, I can’t help but feel emotional and slightly chocked up to the soundness of pain that surrounds my ears and the struggles that surrounds my vision. At this moment in time, I am barring witness to hardship of patients, and I am not able to do anything for them. Through people suffering proves again how very blessed we are, and how bad this situations could be for me, but yet again I see it strongly when I’m back and visiting this situation. It helps me to see how blessed I am through struggles of others, this may sounds harsh for others to hear, but seeing hardship through others situation make my situation easier, and I can only cry a truth. I realise that it is the hardship I see in others that proves how difficult it could be for me, and yet am very blessed to have nothing but a small percentage of what I bear witness to while laying here. I feel and see the truth, that this could possibly of been me, and automatically my situation becomes easier. Its only when you see others struggle you realise how truly lucky and blessed you are, that’s a blessing to in brace and lend a hand to the suffering. Hold on to the reminders of others pains and hardship, that way you’ll pull through to learn to be grateful and humble, to only teach to think of others.

7 thoughts on “Realisation

  1. Extremely touching.. a realisation of other peoples situations.. all put together do make you think that ‘Allhumdolliallah’ for all we have and how lucky we are..Nehad you open up a mind and put it in perspective.. A truelly Amazing read jzk and kp going.. may Allah swt always give you health and happiness Ameen.

  2. You are right in the way you think… It’s not harsh .. Its learning to be patient when you are going through difficulties and grateful in knowing…” You know.. It could of been worse “…

  3. Sometimes you might see something that will change your life forever. No matter what situation we are in, and what hardships we are facing there is always someone out there going through something so much worse. Sometimes we may be fed up in life, but there is someone out their who dreams to have the life we live. We have countless blessings but yet we tend to be ungrateful. Like the saying goes “We only realise what we had once it’s gone”.

  4. Masha’Allah. It touched my heart reading this. Every struggle is a test which makes you stronger as a person and brings you closer to God.

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