The divine will and decree of God

We come across different challenges in our lives, however we all don’t handle them as effectively as we should.
Sometimes the challenges can takeover our emotions our thoughts and our lives, that you may start to feel as if your drowning and that you can’t get out.
I know how this feels, as I’ve visited this feeling many times before, and I can tell you it’s not a good place to be. Sometimes you try to reach out for help from others, but the hand doesn’t seem to be able to help you.
You start to feel let down and alone, on top of all the other emotions that your feeling. You start to give your emotion so much power in your life, that it can take over everything, that it feels like it walks around with you through out the day and night, and know one else can see or feel it but you. You can start to feel lost scared and betrayed.
Honestly how many of you have felt like this before, I know I have.
You have a life full of friends and family, yet know one can really help you, I believe that’s a great lesson in its self.
At the right time, know matter how hard things get you start to rise above it and the situation becomes easier for you to work on until it vanishes.
I want you to think of a challenge that was difficult for you, and you  felt like you never able to resolve it or move from it, and you believed your going to feel like it forever, but with no direct help from family of friends, but only with grace of god, you got through it, but stronger, wiser and most motivated then before. This is a massive relief the burden that you felt you had been carrying gets lifted at the right time appointed.
Remember dealing with a challenge effectively requires a proper understanding of the challenge, ask yourself what is expected from you? emotional control, acceptance of realities, effective actions. Always  remember to try and keep the situation as controllable as possible without it getting out of hand. And most importantly the belief in the divine will and decree of God, because just by believing and putting it in to action, it takes a great weight off your mind.
Sometimes we spend at lot of time trying to make sense of our difficulties, and if our faith is weak it can drive us to question the fairness of it all, and that will put pressure which will way you down. Maybe the truth is if you are struggling and you reach out and know one is able to help you, the truth is maybe they are not meant to.
If you have lost something and you try hard to find it and you don’t, maybe the truth is your not meant to, I know this sounds crazy to some, but the question is then why haven’t you had the help you’ve needed.
We should always remember that believing in the divine will decree of god, is one of the most important parts of faith, and knowing this can help you through your challenges, by letting go and relying on god.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to remind yourself when a challenge befalls you, that god has decreed it, and it makes it that much easier knowing that, when god gave you that challenge, he didn’t give to your sister, brother mother father child, friend ect, he gave it to you, remember god says in Quran that he doesn’t give a soul except with that within its capacity.
So when god gave you that challenge what’s that saying about what god thinks of you.
Not everyone gets the challenge you get right, but yet you manage to pull through it strong, now that’s pretty amazing for someone that thought they where weak, see what the challenge made you realise..

2 thoughts on “The divine will and decree of God

  1. I totally agree too. I alway thought I’d wouldn’t be able to cope if I lost my parents and losing both within 4 months of each other was the hardest challenge ever. I prayed to Allah for strength and guidance and he saw me through. Xxx

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