I think we all can agree that as human beings we have a great need of friends and companionship, and without one of the two we don’t feel complete.
As we feel a desperate need of friendship we don’t really question what kind of friends we are looking for sometimes, and that’s where it could go terribly wrong.
I want you to take a minute to ask yourself how much you’ve progressed in the last year, and if you haven’t, you need to ask yourself why, what’s held you back, is it yourself or have you allowed others to?
Through my experience in life I have come across two types of friends, some you achieve and some of lost time.
It is very important to make sure you choose the right company to spend your time with, as it has proven through experience that habits and behaviour of friends have a very large impact on individuals.
I remember many years ago, I had come across some friends who shined as soon as I met them, they had a strong character about them, always happy, smiling and very polite, they stood out in a crowd. Every time they saw me they made it a point to ask me about my faith, and where I was heading with it, they suggested if I ever needed help or advice they where there to help me. And at the time I’d met them, my faith was very weak and unsure about it. Many time’s I’d notice them in the street or town ect before they noticed me, I’d hide, worrying about what they may say to me, the truth use to hurt back then.
Years went by and challenges had befallen me, with the grace of god I started to learn about my faith, I started to grow and change. I don’t ever remember seeing these friends for years while I was going through my transformation, but I always remembered them in my prays, because they had given me words of wisdom.
But fate took it’s course , and our paths met again some time later in the years. At first I walked past them, I hadn’t recognised them until they stopped me, and I had to ask who they were. I remember cracking a little joke, saying sorry I have a memory like a fish, and was terrible with faces and then apologised. But the truth was I didn’t recognise them, the change was remarkably different. We stood talking for not shorter then 30 minuets and I struggled.
At first I thought it may be me, and they carried on talking and that’s when I realised that the pious religious polite, good quality and good company had vanished.
I don’t consider myself a judgemental person, I keep away from becoming that. But these ladies were telling me there full life changes that was upsetting, wrong on so many levels, and this was all because they kept company and associated themselves with the wrong crowd.
They where sinking in evil actions and boasting bout it to me.
I remember feeling my face burning up and turning red, on what they where telling me. I cant remember ever saying a word through out the whole conversation, apart from isn’t the weather great.
It’s hard for me not to involve myself in a conversations, but I didn’t know what to say.
I believe if I hadn’t met them before, it wouldn’t of effected me as it did.
I couldn’t get over the fact that once these friends where guiding me to believe and strive and do good, they had helped me to move forwarded in so many ways, while they moved back, and that made me very sad, it scared me, that it could be possible to lose everything I ever believe in, just though making wrong choices.
You can not make the right choice of friends if you, yourself isn’t in the right mind.
What kind of person are you? maybe you are that friend that is causing others to stray from the right way.
You can not move forward until you have assessed yourself.
You can’t change if you don’t know what your meant to be changing.
God gives us chances, but the question is what are we doing with them?
I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a joke and a laugh, going out etc. It only becomes a problem if that’s all you are doing to pass time. Remember time is precious and it can’t be re-winded.
When choosing a friend, choose the one that looks out for your well being, who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, who guides you to bigger and better things. Look for the one that reminds you of consequences and helps you to blossom, and the one that reminds you of faith in god and keeping away from sin.
The one that will stand there and pray for you when you’ve passed.
Remember you are important, and so is everyone else. Sometimes we need to make big changes, admitting our wrongs isn’t a weakness but is a strength. I need you to remember that, life is precious and so are you, that’s why you are here to make that difference to yourself and others in only the positive. Be remembered for only the truth, Remember your friends are the reflection of you…

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4 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. الحمدلله
    I know I have made the right decision by you then xxx

    May Allah سبحا نه وتعالي keep us all steadfast on our deen x

  2. It’s true we need to change and better ourselves at all times. I always used to think if I have good friends I will then be able to better myself, but then I realised I should become the person I would love to meet.

    Good friends are rare and precious, if you have some hold on to them tight and never let them go.


  3. I always ask Allah to bring only good people into my life and to keep those who would harm me at a distance. I’m glad he brought us together. I have lost a sister of blood but gained a sister of faith. Xx

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