Let go of it

Losing something so tiny in comparison to other things, but yet again so beautiful an experience in the long run no human being would ever imagine they would visit. To give up something you love or long for seems so crazy yet surreal, and sometimes it’s even out of your control, it doesn’t feel right but nature has to take its course. This is why you have no choice but to accept, but then the question is; what are you accepting? Are you accepting that you are never to feel again? Or accepting the pain that you’re feeling? Or accepting that you’re not good enough? No your accepting that you’re going through this as a start to the end, the reasons to all beings is the final destination. How are we meant to know whether were being tested if we don’t feel hurt or pain. How do we know if were happy if we’ve never felt hurt or upset. How do we know if we’ve improved if we didn’t lose or struggle in the first place. How do we know if our belief is strong if we didn’t ever doubt our faith. So I go back to losing something you love, it doesn’t feel right, unless you believe there is a reason behind all reasons, change! Change is the progress in life , we ask ourselves what have I gained , achieved and learnt through this emotion, and you’ll find your answer there staring you right in the face. The biggest achievement ever is that you’ve survived, and that we know all is out of our control, but yet God has put us as an example for those around us and to ourselves. As a strength, God showers his mercy on us so that our pain ends and our loss fades and our emotion strengthens and our sadness smiles all because of the progress of change. So our learning is, don’t fight your situation, do your best and accept it. Bring out the strength in it, don’t let it paralyse you, always remind yourself that there is a greater reason and fate is written. And that God is preparing us for a greater and better place.


5 thoughts on “Let go of it

  1. Masha Allah Nehad words cannot describe the emotions felt when reading your page. All i can say is Never let your words of wisdom stop..we will learn and you will be rewarded in the highest place of jennah Ameen. Cant wait for the next blog.xx

  2. MashAllah. That is so true, everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we may not know the reason straight away but sooner or later we will see the wisdom behind it and why it initially took place. Whatever happens is always for the best, Alhumdulillah.

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